For Savers, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about our passion and commitment to bring MORE to the community today and tomorrow. It’s about businesses taking responsibility for the effects on social welfare and the environment. Within Savers we have four pillars within our CSR strategy, Environment, Workplace. Marketplace and Community.


Project LOL

Established in 1841, A.S. Watson Group‘s desire to give dated back to our history when it was a small dispensary, providing free medicine to the needy. Since then, the company has grown substantially as it continues to build on its rich history of supporting wide array of community initiatives.

On the occasion of its 175th Anniversary, in 2016 A.S. Watson Group has launched the “Project LOL” philanthropy programme to bring “Lots of Laugh, Lots of Love” to further extend its love and care to the society, with its social responsibility projects grouped under three main areas- Health, Education and Caring Community.

Please visit Project LOL website for more details:

Our Charity Partner - Marie Curie

Since 2013 Savers have had a successful fundraising partnership with Marie Curie.

We have run many activities in the past to help support Marie Curie. We have 3 dedicated fundraising months throughout the year. To kick-start our campaign every year we have backed the ‘Daffodil Appeal’ in March. We also love customers and colleagues getting involved in our charity events in our stores. In the past we have had tea parties, fancy dress weekends and fundraising games for customers. Our colleagues have tested their endurance to raise money – with some staff sitting in a bath of beans for a day and several gents going through the pain barrier and getting waxed to raise funds!

Last year we had an exclusive Marie Curie Gift Set made especially for Savers, with a donation being made to the charity for every set sold.
Staff at Savers Central Office also get involved and last year saw fun days where staff took part in football matches, tombola, cake sales and a baby picture game.
Marie Curie also gave us the opportunity to send 3 store colleagues to trek The Great Wall of China!

We are very proud of our partnership and achievements with Marie Curie, and are very much looking forward to another successful fundraising year.

Our Position on Microplastics

Microplastics are solid synthetic polymer (plastic) particles, insoluble in water. Due to their small size (<5mm) they often pass through sewage water filtration systems and can pollute waterways; microplastics impact the food chain as they can be ingested by marine organisms. Cosmetics/ personal care products account for 2% of microplastic pollutants in the ocean*.
Ahead of legislations, Savers has taken the positive step to ban the use of microplastic in rinse-off Own Brand cosmetics/personal care scrub products development since 2014.
To further fulfill our commitment to the environment, Savers has decided to extend the ban to all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics, and targets to end the sales of such products by end 2019.

*Source: Boucher, J. and Friot D. (2017). Primary Microplasticsin the Oceans: A Global Evaluation of Sources.

Savers Tax Strategy

Savers Tax Strategy is available to view on the below link
Savers Tax Strategy 2018

Gender Pay Report 2018

Gender Pay Report 2018