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Dylon White n Bright 7 Pack

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Brilliant White with whitening care revives the intensity and shine of white colours and protects them from greying.

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Product Information

Brilliant White with whitening care revives the intensity and shine of white colours and protects them from greying.


Brighter whites Powerful whitening agents keep your whites white while being gentle on the fibres. Protects colour from greying The unique formula neutralises dirt particles from the water, protecting the fabric from greying - wash after wash. How does brilliant white work? During the wash grime and dirt particles gradually form a layer of grey on white fabrics. As a result white clothes lose their intensity. Using Brilliant White sheets regularly helps to keep your whites brighter and prevents them from greying or yellowing.


Revives the brilliance of whites Prevents greying wash after wash Makes whites brighter and prevents greying Gentle care suitable for every day use

Warnings or Restrictions

Always follow the machine manufacturer's instructions and washing guidelines on the garments' labels. Do not reuse the sheet after wash. Top tip: if you have detected issues with your washing machine including small items leaving the drum during wash (e.g. socks), please place the sheet inside a washing bag before use. Avoid putting BRILLIANT WHITE sheets in contact with water or wet garments before the wash.

Product Specification

The product contains amongst other ingredients: Optical Brighteners, Preservatives (Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone), Perfumes, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde, Linalool

Size (7) Unit (EA)

Product code: 791357

Product Uses

1 Put your laundry in the machine. You can mix together whites with light colours (e.g. light blue). 2 Place the light blue sheet on top of the laundry, add your standard washing detergent and set the wash cycle as usual. 3 At the end cycle remove both the sheet and laundry immediately. Dispose of the used white sheet. For brilliant whites, even at low temperatures! For best results use it in every wash. The gentle formula makes it suitable for frequent use and it can be used on all white fabrics, temperatures and washing cycles. Certain light colours (e.g. light blue) can be mixed into the wash at the same time.

Tips & Advice

Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to use Brilliant White with a certain temperature in the washing machine? Extra absorbent fibres of the sheet provide maximum protection at all temperatures. For best results use Brilliant White in every wash. Is Brilliant White effective on all fabrics? Yes. Brilliant White works by the use of optical brightener and an enzyme (cellulase) to help remove fluff and whiten. Can I use Brilliant White for hand washing? Yes, simply place a sheet at the bottom of your sink or bowl and wash as normal. Are Brilliant White recyclable? Brilliant White sheets and carton are biodegradable and recyclable.

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