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Issey Miyake, a visionary who always seeks the essential and the innovative, loves to create the unexpected. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and personal experiences, he marries tradition and the avant-garde, sobriety and colour, nature and sophistication, craftsmanship and technology. Issey Miyake has a genuine spirit of creativity.


Issey Miyake, the Designer

Issey Miyake, the most international among Japanese designers.

Issey Miyake is a visionary who knows how to blend cultures and influences in a perpetual quest for the essential, for the inventiveness.

Creator, artist, and inventor he draws his inspiration from nature, design and encounters.

He is exceptional in the way he brings together tradition and avant-garde, audacity and accessibility, sobritey and color, natural and sophistication, craftmanship and high technology.

Issey Miyake is not a style, but a true creative spirit.

The refinement and modernity of Japan combined with the know-how of French luxury.

The creativity behind his fragrances express a universal harmony with life, accessible to all.

« I am interested in what I don't know » Issey Miyake

His perfumes

'Issey Miyake fragrances offer the magic of pure emotion through:

- a tribute to the senses : senses are awakened. To experience emotions, just surrender and trust them to guide you. Senses never lie.

- Luxury of the essential : luxury without artifices. Substance rather than facades. It translates into a fragrance by the use of high-quality raw ingredients crafted by the finest perfumers

- Poetic modernity: Issey Miyake casts a poetic eye on the world around; for him, man and nature are an endless source of inspiration. His vision of nature is that of a refined, stylised, symbolic and powerful type of nature. He insufflates poetry into the simplest things and offers us real emotions.

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