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Silk'n is the global leader in professional aesthetic devices for home use. our products are especially made to make life easier and more comfortable. Bringing technologies used in professional beauty clinics to your home is our lifetime philosophy.

Beauty products for hair removal, skin care, bronzing and more are all now available at

Hair Removal

Silk’n introduces HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology for permanent hair reduction in the privacy of your own home. The treatments are fast, safe, easy, cost effective and almost painless. The result? A silky soft skin that lasts!

Flash & Go Lux

Silk’n Flash&Go LUX is designed for body and face. It comes with a large and small cartridge, whereby the small precision one is ideal for areas like the face. This advanced system achieves marked clinical results. Just flash the hairs away and enjoy the featherlike feeling!

Silk’n Glide

Silk’n Glide is the ultimate best budget device currently on the market. It features two techniques: Pulsing and Gliding. Gliding is an extremely fast and groundbreaking new hair removal technique. It’s ideal for delicate body areas and also suitable for darker skin types . And it works without refills, thanks to the 50,000 pulses!

How it works How it works

The process of laser and light-based hair removal is well known and established. It has been proven in clinical use around the world for over 15 years as a safe and effective way to achieve long-term hair removal.

Step 1.
Before HPL Treatment: Healthy hair follicles with normal hair growth

Step 2.
During HPL Pulse for hair removal: Light energy combined with the acoustic effect is selectively absorbed in the hair shaft and disables hair growth.

Step 3.
Immediately After HPL Pulse: Energy is absorbed by the hair follicles while the surrounding tissue remains at normal temperature and hair removal is achieved.

Silk'n SonicCleanPlus Purify your skin in 60 seconds!

Silk’n SonicCleanPlus is a real miracle worker. It eliminates all skin impurities by providing a deep facial-cleansing. Rinses away the stress, makeup build-up and air pollution of the day and leaves your skin revitalized. The rotating brushes maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels and leaves it feeling beautifully soft, healthy and supple. You can even use it under the shower, because it’s waterproof. Expect a balanced complexion that’s expertly refined and purified. And all that in just 60 seconds!

Silk’n Reju Rejuvenate & regenerate: the complete anti-aging skincare

Silk’n Reju is an ultra-advanced anti-aging system that works with red LED-energy. It combats wrinkles, lines and pores and re-builds collagen. The HF™ technology inside improves the skin texture, while the synergy of heat radiation and a matrix of optical energy care for long term clinical results. Why wait? Regenerate your skin and amaze everyone with a breathtaking, younger look!

Silk’n BodyTan A natural bronze skin without sun

Silk’n BodyTan is an airbrush spray that provides a natural tanned skin without sun. It’s the safe, easy and healthy alternative to UV and solariums. Created to achieve a long lasting rich bronze glow that lasts up to fourteen days. It’s not a dye and won’t stain on clothes. In fact, the mist applicator delivers a glamorous even tan with a flawless finish. You’ll look like you’ve just returned from a beach holiday!

Silk’n MultiTweezers

The MultiTweezers comprises a set of 3 tweezers and 1 LED light unit in a luxury case.The LED light unit can be placed on any of the 3 tweezers to illuminate the working area and this unit can also be used separately as a key-chain light.

Each of the three tweezers has its own special function:

Flat tip tweezers for maintaining eyebrows
Spiked tip tweezers for removing splinters
Hooked tip tweezers for precision work

Thanks to the replaceable LED light unit you can use all 3 tweezers with the LED light. So whether you want to remove a splinter, a tiny hair or just maintain your eyebrows, with the MultiTweezers you can do it all quickly, safely and easily.


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