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Introducing the little antiperspirants that last as long as the big ones with less packaging.

  • How does it work?

    We've managed to compress the same protection as a standard 150ml aerosol pack into a little can half the size.

    We've reengineered the spray system, reducing the amount of gas needed to deliver the same level of antiperspirant ingredient with each spray. This allows us to deliver at least the same sweat protection as the 150ml can but in a smaller 75ml can.

    Our compressed technology has been extensively tested so we can be confident that if you use it just like you use your normal 150ml pack, it will last just as long and work just as well.

  • Better for you

    The innovative new compressed range brings added benefits:

    New Sure Compressed contains increased antiperspirant ingredient for our best ever protection in an aerosol, as well as Motionsense™ technology so the more you move, the more it works.

    New Dove Compressed contains Dove's signature ¼ moisturising cream and now offers a softer spray for smooth skin and beautiful underarms

    New Vaseline Compressed has an improved fragrance with Pro Derma, a skin caring complex that helps protect your underarm skin.

  • Better for the environment

    By compressing the 150ml can into the 75ml version, less aluminium and gas is needed.

    In fact, on average about 50% less gas and 21% less aluminium is used in each compressed aerosol versus the normal 150ml pack.

    If 1 million people switched to compressed cans, every year we could save 720 tonnes of CO2 and enough aluminium to make 20,500 bikes!

    *Calculated using Sure Women

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