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Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels 2 x 60ml
£ 12.99
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was £ 14.99

Breathtaking for me, electrifying for you, an amazing reaction together

Durex Embrace. Two sensual pleasure gelsx. One amazing reaction.

Durex Embrace brings a new dimension to sex for both you and your partner with two sensual pleasure gels subtly crafted with couples in mind.

Grab the pink bottle and you'll find a warming gel that's sure to take your breath away - and your partner's. In the purple bottle, meanwhile, awaits a world of tingling, electrifying sensations.

But it's what these gels do when they come together that really sets them apart. Prepare for a reaction like no other. Prepare to be amazed. Prepare to embrace it.

For the technical side of Durex Embrace, and more about using gels in the bedroom, see the Durex Embrace product page.

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