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To get this look, you will need:
Gosh Eye Brow Kit Multi

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Step 1: The perfect brow starts from above the inside of the corner of your eye and ends at the out-side of the corner above your eyelashes. Start by plucking out unwanted hair by using a good tweezers and trim the brows if necessary with a small pair of scissors.

Step 2: GOSH Brow Kit contains 3 different colours of brow powder. Apply the brow powder with the applicator or brush after finding the right colour. Pick the colour that matches your natural hair colour best or a darker shade for a more dramatic look. You can also mix the colours and get any shade you like.

Step 3: Apply the Brow Wax cream in the Brow Kit with the brush for a perfect shape or to tame unruly brows. This makes them stay in perfect shape and place all day (You can also use Brow Wax Cream alone or on top of Brow Pencils).

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