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To get this look, you will need:
Gosh Smokey Eyes Pallette
Gosh Smokey Eye Liner
Gosh Kohl Eyeliner Stone
Gosh Show Me Volume Mascara

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Step 1: The perfect brow starts from above the inside of the corner of your eye and ends at the out-side of the corner above your eyelashes. Start by plucking out unwanted hair by using a good tweezers and trim the brows if necessary with a small pair of scissors.

Step 2: Use the darker middle tone (3) on the middle of the eye lid and mark the globe witht the darker shade (4). If your eyelids are a bit heavy, apply the eye shadow adbove the globe to lift the eyes.

Step 3: The lightest shade (1) can be applied in the corner of the eye to highlight and on the brow bone just underneath the eye brows for a high-lighting effect.

Step 4: Blend, blend, blend so there will be no sharp edges in the colours. Let them fade together.

Step 5: Apply kohl/eye liner in the wet area of the lower eye for an even more intense look. Also apply the kohl under the lashes on the lower eye. It does not have to be perfect and can be smeared out a bit. Apply the dark shadow (4) over the kohl. The liner becomes a bit softer and will last longer.

Step 6: Apply GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pen just over the eye lashes on the upper eye in a heavy line, making it thicker in the outer corner of the eye.

Step 7: Fulfill the look with lots of GOSH Show Me Volume Mascara. You will now have the most intense and seductive Smokey Eyes.

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