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Weight Management

Are you looking for ways on how to support your weight loss journey? At Savers, you’ll find a great range of weight management products to help you manage your healthy eating plan. If you want a straightforward solution with fast results, then meal replacement shakes from XLS Nutrition, and Slimplicity could be what you’re looking for. Packed with all the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs, they take the hassle out of counting calories and come in delicious chocolate and strawberry flavours.

Otherwise, if you’re following a low-fat diet and want to give your metabolism a boost, you can try weight loss tablets such as Slimplicity Green Tea and XLS Medical Fat Binder, which can make all the difference to your weight management regime.

Do hunger pangs get the better of you? Why not try an appetite reducer to help you feel fuller for longer? On the shelves, at Savers, you’ll find options from weight management specialist, like XLS Medical, which helps fill the stomach and leave you feeling pleasantly full until your next mealtime.

If you’re looking to make small differences in your diet that will add up to a big change, then switching from regular sugar to sweetener is a good first step when it comes to successful weight management. Savers have several options, from Sweetex to Hermesetas that you can easily pop into tea or coffee with just a few clicks.

Start your weight management plan today, with the help of our fantastic range at Savers.

19 products found
  • XLS Nutrition Chocolate 400g
    £9.99 £2.13 per 100g
  • Lucovital Obesimed Bloc 30s
    £4.99 16.63p each
  • Slimplicity Fat Metaboliser 60s
    £2.99 4.98p each
  • Complan Rich Chocolate 4 x 55G
    £3.49 £1.59 per 100g
  • Complan Strawberry 4 x 55G
    £3.49 £1.59 per 100g
  • Canderel 300 Tab+33%
    £2.69 67.25p each
  • Hermesetas Originals 300s
    £1.00 0.33p each
  • Slimplicity Green Tea 1000mg 60s
    £2.99 4.98p each
  • Sweetex 600'S
    £1.29 21.50p each
  • Hermesetas 1200s
    £2.79 23.25p each
  • Sweetex 1200s
    £2.69 22.42p each
  • Supasweet 1000s
    £0.85 0.09p each
  • Canderel Yellow 75G
    £1.00 £1.33 per 100g
  • XLS Nutrition Strawberry 400g
    Sorry, this product is currently unavailable
    £9.99 £2.13 per 100g
  • XLS-Medical Appetite Reducer 30 Capsules
    Sorry, this product is currently unavailable
    £5.99 19.97p each
  • XLS Medical Fat Binder 5 Day Trial Pack 30 Tablets
    Sorry, this product is currently unavailable
    £9.99 33.30p each
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