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Cotton Wool

Whether you want to tidy up makeup mistakes, remove stubborn eye makeup or clean your baby, cotton wool will be your new go-to! Whether it’s cotton wool balls, cotton wool pads or cotton buds, it’s safe to say they’re all essentials that need to be a permanent feature in your bathroom cabinet. And the best part? You can find all your cotton wool essentials at Savers.

Cotton wool balls are a staple that is not to be overlooked. Not only are cotton wool balls super soft and gentle on the skin, but they’re also highly absorbent, making them a great product to apply nail varnish remover to so you can remove stubborn nail polish with ease! You can also use cotton wool balls to dab on a controlled amount of blush, highlighter or bronzer and easily blend the product out, which is perfect for on-the-go travel!

Cotton wool pads are your best bet if you’re looking for the best way to remove makeup with micellar water, apply toner or other liquid skincare. With a thinner and wider shape, cotton wool pads keep all the liquid at the surface, helping to coat the skin effectively in whichever skincare product you are applying! For all your beauty needs, find super-soft cotton wool pads at Savers.

Did you know that cotton buds are also a multi-purpose beauty essential? They can be used for tidying up makeup mistakes, removing stubborn eyeliner, applying serums to lashes and brows and much more. To ensure you always have this convenient beauty staple to hand when you need it, shop for your cotton buds at Savers!

The uses of cotton wool balls and cotton pads and cotton buds do not stop at beauty! Parents, they’re also a must-have for your nappy changing bag. The super-soft and absorbent nature of cotton wool make it a gentle way to wipe and clean your baby, without causing irritation.

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