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Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer from an allergy at some point in their lives? That’s a lot of people sneezing, wheezing, itching, and suffering from red and itchy eyes! If this sounds all too familiar to you, Savers is here to help! Relieve your symptoms with our range of allergy treatments, which include allergy and hay fever tablets, hay fever wipes, nasal sprays, and eye drops.

When the spring and summer arrive, for many people this also means the start of hay fever season! Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen from trees and grass, and is most common on lovely, long hot summer days where you want to be outside! Symptoms of hay fever can be a nuisance and can get in the way of your everyday life, such as constant sneezing, watery eyes, and an itchy throat. At Savers, you’ll discover a range of allergy and hay fever tablets from household names, such as Piriteze and Clarityn, which get to work quickly to provide you with much-needed relief.

If hay fever tablets are not for you, have you tried hay fever wipes? These little miracle workers, when wiped over the face, help trap pollen and stop it reaching your eyes and causing you pain and discomfort. They’re an everyday essential, especially when the pollen count is high, for anyone with hay fever!

Our range of allergy treatments is not just for hay fever sufferers. Other allergies associated with pets, dust mites, and mould spores can also spur on a range of unpleasant symptoms such as an itchy skin rash or blocked nose. Tackle the symptoms associated with these allergens today, from our range of allergy treatment tablets, sprays, and drops at Savers.

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