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Did you know that, according to the NHS, incontinence (the accidental passing of urine) is thought to affect millions of people? Yes, millions! If you are one of the many people who experience accidental leaks, then you are not on your own. At Savers, we have a range of products, such as sanitary pads and incontinence pants, that are designed to help you live your life, no matter the type of incontinence you have, without having to worry about the effects of a sensitive bladder.

One of the most popular incontinence product choices is pull up pants as they look just like regular underwear. They are not only discreet to wear, but many brands now create pants that trap and pull wetness and odour away from the surface, so it doesn’t cause you discomfort while you are going about your day. Incontinence pants for women and men are available in varying sizes, at Savers, from brand names you can fully trust like Tena and Always.

If you experience lighter to moderate leaks, for example when coughing or laughing, and feel incontinence pants are not for you, then why not try sanitary pads instead? These are absorbent, protective towels that are worn inside the underwear to soak up any leaks. If you are always on the go and worried about bladder control, these are ideal as you can buy liners, from the likes of Lights and Tena, which are individually wrapped and can be carried with you throughout the day. Alternatively, you will also find pads with extra thickness and wings here at Savers, which provide extra comfort and protection both day and night.

Don’t let the thought of accidents or leaks ruin your day, explore the range of affordable, discreet, and comfortable incontinence products here at Savers.

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