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Deodorants & Antiperspirants

For most people, deodorant is part of their daily morning routine. Without it, our sweat glands become more active, which can increase sweat, and we won’t even mention the smell it can produce! So, whether you’re heading out to work, for lunch with friends or to the gym, deodorant is a must for those who need it (lucky you if you don’t!). At Savers, we stock a range of men’s deodorants, from roll-on to sprays from best-selling brands like Lynx, Right Guard and Mitchum!

Roll-on deodorant usually features a rolling ball that is wet to touch, transferring a layer of antiperspirant to your skin as you apply it. We love roll-on deodorants as they’re compact – perfect for travelling or popping in your bag for those on-the-go! Deodorant sprays are a great alternative. They dry quickly, and many come armed with a fresh-smelling scent, designed to help prevent body odour. For some extra oomph, spritz some body spray onto your skin and clothes.

Whichever type you prefer, you can shop a range of men’s deodorants at Savers at affordable prices. Choose from full-size or smaller options that are perfect for travelling and browse a selection of scents.

To complete your routine, explore our range of beard care and men’s skincare products available online at Savers.

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