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Ear & Eye Care

From eye drops to ear drops, Savers have a fantastic array of products to treat a wide range of eye and ear care concerns. If you’ve been staring at a computer screen all day, products like Supereyes Tired Eye Drops can help relieve fatigue, dry or red eyes.

They can also help relieve hayfever or allergy symptoms in the summer. Depending on why you’re taking them, you may need to use eye drops for a short while or over a longer time. If you don’t like putting drops in your eyes, then Treat & Ease Eye Mist Spray can have a similar effect – just spray over closed eyelids to feel instantly awake and refreshed.

When you find you’re not able to read up close without stretching your arms, you may need to consider single-vision reading glasses. At Savers, you can find a pair of frames to suit your vision requirements for just £1. With lenses ranging from 1.00+ to 3.50+ strength, you’re bound to find the correct ones for you.

If you wear contact lenses that you need to take out and disinfect at the end of each day, you can top up your contact lens solution with our range of Saline Solutions, which you can use to clean soft, silicone hydrogel or hard contact lenses.

If you have a build-up of hardened earwax or are prone to ear infections, ear drops can help clear and calm the ear canal. Shop bestselling ear drops from brands like Otex and Earex Advanced to soften hardened ear wax, reducing the need for syringing.

Having trouble dozing off or sleeping next to a heavy snorer? You might want to buy a set of ear plugs. Sleep earplugs are designed to be comfortable, made from a soft and flexible material so you can wear them all night without irritation.

Give your eyes and ears all the correct care they need, from our range of eye drops, ear drops, reading glasses, ear plugs and contact lens solution at Savers.

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