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Laundry & Ironing

Whether you're a busy parent doing load after load, or have just left home and are now faced with your very first laundry & ironing pile, Savers have everything you need to get the job done while leaving your clothes smelling and looking fabulous!

A good laundry detergent should remove stains and grime from your clothing, leaving you with bright and fresh-smelling laundry and ironing that looks practically good as new. There are different detergents to choose from: liquid, powder and laundry pods. It all depends on what works best on your clothes and what you prefer.

Laundry pods are perfect for beginners, as they require the least amount of effort; throw them in the machine with your laundry, and you’re good to go. If you're looking for a formula that will tackle stubborn stains, then look no further than a liquid washing detergent. Or, opt for a powder wash if you need something ideal for everyday colour and white loads that will easily lift out and remove stains. Your clothes are in the best hands here at Savers, and you’ll find brands like Daz, Ariel, and Lenor on our shelves. For really tough stains on white shirts and bedsheets, stock up on stain removers from The Pink Stuff and Vanish for an essential extra step in your washing process.

But it’s not just your laundry that needs cleaning – your washing machine does too! A washing machine cleaner should be used every two months in an empty machine to kill bacteria and eliminate any odours, but don’t worry - you can leave it to Dettol and Fabulosa to do all the hard work!

And when your clothes have been washed and dried, ironing water is another no-brainer - it helps get rid of creases and infuses clothes with a beautiful scent. Pour a beautifully scented ironing water straight into your iron to leave clothes and linen smooth and wonderfully soft.

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