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First Aid

Every home should have essential first-aid items, as you never know when you may need medical supplies such as plasters, antiseptic cream, or even a bandage! At Savers, you will find all your everyday first aid products, as well as face coverings, face masks, and antibacterial gel too.

Cuts and grazes are commonplace in the home, from shaving mishaps to your child falling over and grazing their knee, so one of the handiest things you can have readily available is plasters and antiseptic cream. We offer an extensive range of plasters here at Savers, in an assortment of sizes, as well as in waterproof and clear material and kid-friendly designs, so you can find the best product to suit you and your family’s needs. If your accident requires more than a plaster, you can also find wound dressings or a complete health first aid kit, which are ideal to keep at home, in your car, or to take when going on holiday.

As well as essential medical supplies, Savers is also the place to stock up on your reusable face coverings and disposable face masks. Wearing a face mask or face-covering in public can help stop the spread of germs and infections and should be worn over your face and nose. Our affordable reusable fabric face coverings are perfect if you wear them regularly and need to rotate your masks when others are in the wash, whereas our disposable face masks are best for one-time use.

Are you regularly on the go and want an effective way to keep your hands bacteria-free and clean? Then check out our extensive range of hand sanitisers and antibacterial gels. Our travel size bottles are ideal to fit snug in your coat pocket or your bag, so you’re never without. Or our larger, dispenser bottles are perfect to keep at home for a quick and effective way to kill germs instantly. Discover trusted brands, at low prices, such as Dettol, LifeBuoy, and Cuticura right here at Savers.

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