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Cleaning Products

Keeping your house clean and hygienic can be an uphill struggle at the best of times. Fortunately, Savers have the best range of cleaning products to keep your house looking spotless and germ-free!

The kitchen and bathroom are probably the two rooms that need disinfectant the most – and antibacterial spray or antibacterial wipes are the best way to keep on top of things; no house should be without a supply of surface cleaner wipes! They are ideal to mop up any spills and to give surfaces, highchairs and table-tops a quick once over. While an All-Purpose Cleaner Spray can be used everywhere, from sinks to toilets, hobs, and kitchen floors. You’ll discover household brands such as Dettol and Flash right here at Savers that you know you can rely on to keep your home sparkling clean!

When it comes to cleaning products that get your dishes and crockery clean, you won’t believe the brands on offer here at Savers! From supercharged dishwasher tablets that cut through grease to premium washing up liquid that’ll help make the washing up a breeze! We’ve got all your big brand favourites on our shelves, from Fairy and Elbow Grease to Finish and Crystale.

Oven cleaners are another example of essential cleaning product, taking the elbow grease out of the mammoth task of getting rid of every last scrap of burnt-on food and grime. Get rid of tough debris with a little help from our range of sprays and pastes from recognisable names like Mr Muscle, Flash, and Cillit Bang!

As well as everyday cleaning products, there are those other items you occasionally need for the odd mishap. Drain unblocker, carpet cleaner, furniture polish, and window wash will all help get your home looking as good as new in no time!

Stock up your essential cleaning products all in one place right here at Savers.

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