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Home Fragrance

A home fragrance is essential for balancing out unwanted odours indoors, whether it’s the smell of pets, cooking or the neighbours’ barbecue wafting through the window. At Savers, we have a variety of beautiful smelling products to help keep your home – and car – smelling fresh, from scented candles to fabric spray and air freshener.

If you’re looking for a sweet-scented home fragrance, candles from bestselling brands like Glade and Reed & Wick will make the perfect addition. Available in an assortment of scents, from fruity and floral to sweet and indulgent, they're perfect is you're looking to set the scene for a relaxing night at home. Maybe one candle isn't enough for you? If so, at Savers, you'll also find packs of tea lights which are great for dotting around the room to create a cosy, home-like atmosphere.

If you have animals - or small children– who might not be safe around candles, then a reed diffuser is the next best home fragrance option. Airwick Linen Reeds can recreate that addictive aroma of just-washed laundry (like clean bed sheets you can’t wait to snuggle into!) or try Reed & Wick’s Luxury Pomegranate if floral scents aren’t your thing. As well as a general home fragrance for the whole room, a fabric spray is another way to make towels and bedding more pleasant smelling.

If you’ve been cooking with garlic or spices, it can create a strong smell that can seep into the rest of the house. A blast of air freshener can keep unwanted odours at bay, such as from Febreze, which doesn’t just mask but actually cleans away bad smells. And bathroom freshener is probably the most essential home fragrance of all, and you can even get small, discreet fresheners which hang in your bathroom or can be placed on a shelf that eliminate odours for over a month!

But it’s not just your home that can smell good – your car might want to smell nice too (especially if you’ve been eating strong-smelling food during long journeys!). Car freshener is an easy way to fragrance your four-wheeled friend, whether it’s with a Little Trees Car Air Freshener (that hangs off your rear-view mirror), or Febreze Car Refreshing Cascade (which clips onto your car’s ventilation system).

Whatever scents make your home feel like a home, you’ll find a great range of affordable options right here at Savers.

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