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Fake Tan & Bronzing

Do you want a golden glow that doesn’t involve booking a two-week holiday somewhere tropical? Fake tan is the way to go! At Savers, you’ll be able to shop a range of self tan products, including tanning mousse, tanning lotion, and instant or gradual tans and tanning mitts. With the help of best-selling brands like St Moriz, Dove, and Garnier, you’ll be glowing in no time.

For those looking for a deeper self tan, a tanning mousse will be the fake tan product for you. At Savers, you’ll be able to find a go-to mousse that’s streak-free, fast drying and gives you the golden tan you’re after. Just don’t forget to apply it with a tanning mitt.

If you prefer a natural bronzed hue, a gradual tanning lotion or moisturiser will give you exactly that. Just apply and wait for your beautiful soft glow to develop. And the best bit? Gradual tanning lotion also helps to keep the skin ultra-hydrated, adding to your radiance!

Need a glow-on-the-go? Choose from a variety of instant tan at Savers for a quick developing bronze that you can rely on in a hurry. This type of self tan is perfect for last minute trips or to pop in your bag for those ‘just in case’ moments!

So, regardless of how you want to achieve the skin you’re after, you can count on Savers to deliver it. Choose from a range of tanning mousses, mists, moisturisers, serums, and tanning lotions for your best glow yet!

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