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Children's Medicines

When children and babies are feeling unwell, they are unlikely to be themselves, which can be difficult for both the parents and child. To help your little one get back to their cheeky selves, and to provide parents with peace of mind, at Savers you’ll find affordable children’s medicine ranging from colic drops to children’s vitamins, and everything in-between.

If your child is in pain or is feeling poorly (and you can manage their symptoms from home), then be sure to stock up on our range of children’s pain relief products. Here you will find colic drops to help soothe a colicky baby if they have been crying for hours; children’s cough medicine to help relieve painful cough symptoms, and our range of Calpol products to comfort and care for your child.

Did you know that all children need vitamins A, C, and D for healthy growth and development? If your child is not getting the recommended vitamins from their diet alone, you can top of their levels with our range of tasty, chewable children's vitamins. Discover vitamins from household names, you can trust, such as Sevenseas, Bassets, and Haliborange which offer a range of benefits including immune support, bone development, and to contribute towards normal brain function and vision.

As well as children’s vitamins and pain relief, at Savers you will also find a range of head lice treatments. Head lice are common in young children, and their families, and can spread by head-to-head contact. Begin treating head lice from the day you spot them with a head lice spray or shampoo and detection comb, all of which are available at Savers. There are several options available, including one treatment solutions which kill 100% of eggs and live lice, as well as solutions which may need repeated applications. Explore the range online now to find a head lice treatment that best suits your family.

As with any medication, always read the label carefully and seek medical attention if required.

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