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At Savers, you’ll find a range of sun-care essentials, including sun cream, sun block, aftersun, tanning oil and even insect repellent. With best-selling brands like Hawaiian Tropic, Garnier Ambre Solaire and P20 stocked at Savers, your sun-care selection is about to get a whole lot better.

Come rain or shine, SPF is a year-round skincare essential! At Savers, it’s easier than ever to choose a sun cream or sun block that works for you, your skin type, and your lifestyle. Choose from an array of sun creams, lotions, and sprays with either SPF 15, SPF 30 or SPF 50, so you can feel protected whilst you’re out and about. Also enriched with SPF, the tanning oils at Savers are non-sticky, easy to apply and will help you to enrich your tan, whilst reducing the risk of burning.

If you do end up overdoing it in the sun, do not fear! A cooling aftersun will work to relieve any inflammation and help to heal your sunburn. From your favourite suncare brands like Malibu and Nivea, Savers have a range of aftersun products with skin hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera and avocado oil that’ll help to soothe and nourish burnt skin.

Nothing spoils your day quite like a swarm of mosquitos and other biting insects. To ensure that you are protected, it’s always a good idea to keep insect repellent on hand to repel them when you need it! At Savers, you’ll be protected with a range of insect repellent, aerosols, wipes, and sprays to help keep you bite and bug free all year round.

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