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Household Essentials

Household essentials are those small everyday items that we don’t realise are important until we run out of them! Fortunately, Savers has every little essential you need to stock up, from bin bags to cling film – even trusty hot water bottles – so you don’t get caught short!

Batteries are the king of household essentials – whether for the doorbell, the TV remote, your child’s favourite toy or your smoke alarm. The most common kind are AA batteries, so it’s a good idea to keep a spare pack in a drawer for any emergencies that might crop up. Our range, from household favourite Duracell, are not just affordable, but they work well in devices you use daily, such as radios and clocks.

Bin bags are another of those household essentials people forget to stock up on until it’s too late! You’ll find a range of sizes and durability here at Savers, so whether you’re throwing away household waste or bagging up your recycling, you know you can clean up and dispose of things with minimal mess (and effort!)

And who hasn’t run out of light bulbs at least once in their life? Don’t get left in the dark (literally!) – on your next Savers shop add the bulbs you use to light up your home to your basket. Don’t forget to check which kind of fitting you need, as we stock a whole range of designs from LED bulbs to those with a bayonet fitting.

Humidity can be an issue in some households, which can cause mould to spread and affect those with asthma and allergies. That’s why a dehumidifier is another one of those household essentials you can’t afford to be without. Stamp out mould, damp, mildew, and condensation with our dehumidifiers. Simply set them up and leave in a damp-prone place to work their magic!

Savers is your one-stop-shop for all your household items at an affordable price!

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