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Pain Relief

When pain comes on unexpectantly, it can easily stop you in your tracks or put a downer on your day. Whether you are experiencing discomfort from a headache, period pain, back pain, muscle soreness, or something else altogether, a form of pain relief can often help. At Savers, we stock a broad range of pain relief options, from tablets and capsules to gels and rubs, that you can rely on for quick and effective results.

For headache treatment, or to relieve another form of mild to moderate pain, you will discover a wide range of paracetamol at Savers. Paracetamol comes in different forms, so you can find a method that works for you. Here, you will find powerful and effective tablets from big brands, such as Panadol and Anadin, as well as cold and flu sachets, containing paracetamol, and child-friendly liquid formulas which are easier to swallow.

While paracetamol can be a great choice for pain relief, it is not the best option if you need an anti-inflammatory effect, which is where Ibuprofen comes in! Ibuprofen targets a range of pains and aches, while also treating inflammation bought on by sports injuries, sprains, or strains.

If you don’t want to take pills, at Savers you will also find a broad range of other pain relief methods that offer fast, effective relief. For migraine and headache treatment, why not look at cool gel sheets for an instant effect. Or, for back, neck and shoulder stiffness or aches, you can pick up deep heat patches. These also work wonders for period pain and stomach cramps. Alternatively, why not explore our choices of muscle rubs? These are applied directly to the skin and help aches, pains, and to soothe swelling and inflammation.

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